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More than inspirational puffery from a life coach; it is blunt, funny, practical advice on how to get ahead from a successful entrepreneur with 440+ employees. It is a kick in the pants and an actual plan that can advance your career before you even finish the book. Which won’t take long, because it’s short.


Bob started a business at age 19 and leads it today. In 24 years Faithlife Corporation (formerly Logos Bible Software) has grown to more than 440 employees serving more than 3 million users around the world. Over years of mentoring interns, promoting employees, and raising two kids, Bob has learned exactly what life and career advice young people need most, and how rare it is for any of them to take it. But what amazing stuff happens when they do!

Bob is a 2005 winner of the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award, and was included in the PugetSound Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 (Several years ago.) He blogs at

Bob’s first book, Fire Someone Today, And Other Surprising Tactics for Making Your Business a Success, was published by Thomas Nelson in 2006 and translated into Korean and Russian.


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“Stop WHATEVER you're doing right now, and read this book—all of it! It's a quick read that will make ALL the difference in your career.”


President, The KAIROS Company

“In Start Next Now, Bob Pritchett provides an incredibly efficient way to discover specific, practical steps to advance yourself professionally, personally, and spiritually. He also explains one of my passions, which is the relationship between compensation, happiness, and meaningful work, and how to find the right balance.”


Founder and CEO, Gravity Payments

“In working with dozens of young leaders in my church and through my blog readership, the one thing they seem to want most is assurance from those of us who have gone before them. They want someone who believes in them and will give them permission to try. And, if they fail, to try again. This is a needed book for our culture and our times.”


Pastor, coach and organizational leadership consultant,